Essentials for a Long Night Out | Your Late Night Emergency Kit

I know I’m not the only one who has been out with friends all night and not made it back home. Parties, bars, and late night flings can be incredibly fun until you roll out of bed and realize that you smell just a little funky and you have nothing to change in to. And worse still, Mother Nature comes calling and you’re caught unprepared.
I learned pretty quickly that I didn’t really want to do the walk of shame the next morning (and it’s a terrible walk when you can’t go straight home) so I ran to the store and made myself a cute little bag I could keep in the trunk of my car.
And if you’re thinking “Hey! I seriously need an over night kit!” No worries, I’ve got you. These are the items I think are most essential but feel free to tweak it to your needs.

 What you need:

  1. A cute, opaque bag: I opted for a discounted makeup bag that no one would really question. You can get a see through one if you like but just be aware that if anyone sees in your trunk they will see what you’re carrying around with you.
  2. Deodorant: Make sure to get a solid stick, travel sized one. It will save you space and trust me, you don’t want gel deodorant hanging out in your cute new bag. It’s a recipe for disaster. Trust me, I’ve experienced it.
  3. Toothbrush/ Paste: I like to keep a travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste in my bag. If you’re out all night, this will help keep the bad breath away!
  4. Tampons/ Pads: Honestly, keep a couple in here. They are always the best thing to have stock piled anywhere you can find to keep them. And at least if they are in this bag you’ll always have some in your car.
  5. Mini Hairbrush: I know it seems a bit extravagant but this could be the make or break of you looking put together after a long night. While you’re at it, throw a hair tie in there too.
  6. Panties: This is the ultimate must have! Whether you’ve crashed out at your buddies, a new friend’s (wink wink), or just got a visit from the period fairy, this will make you feel soooo much better. Trust me on this one.
  7. Makeup Removers: Make sure to grab the travel sized ones so you have space. This will help you remove the crusty layer of makeup from the night before. I do recommend changing this out frequently, otherwise, they will dry up.
  8. Painkillers: Either for cramps or that dreadful hangover. I keep mine in a tiny macaron case.
  9. Mini Nail Kit: Even just a pair of clippers or an emery board. I don’t know about you but that feeling of having a broken nail is the worst in the world! I can’t tell you the number of times I have found myself stranded with a cracked nail and that feeling like someone is running nails over a chalkboard. *shudders* Save yourself the hassle and be prepared!
Honestly, since throwing together this bag I’ve rarely had a moment where I feel unprepared even in the most unexpected situations. And if I can help anyone avoid the aftermath of a fun night out I will.
What are some of the things that you like to have on hand if you’re going to be out with friends?

5 Things You Can Do Everyday for a Productive Morning

If you are anything like I am, I know that you are constantly on the search to find that thing that will make you more productive. I’m here to tell you that it’s a struggle, even when you find the right things it takes work, but that’s a topic all its own. I’ve gone through hundreds of “this will make you the most Morning Person ever!” posts that feel like they are always from people who just ARE morning people.
I am not morning people.
Never have been, but those dang scientists and researchers keep telling me that morning people are the movers and shakers. Or at least they get the freshest cup of coffee. (And I’m all about that fresh coffee)
So from one not so morning person to another, I wanted to share the 5 tips I have that have worked wonders for me in the mornings.
  1. Stretch: Simple. Straightforward. Hard to remember when all you want to do is pull the covers back over your head. But the simple act of forcing your body to move helps to shake off some of the sleepiness. Apparently “Just bend your knees” is also Jacky Chan’s morning routine, and if Jacky says…
  2. Drink Water/ Eat Breakfast: I’m grouping these things together because really we should just be treating our bodies better in general. However, on mornings I do either of these (or both) I find that I am far more alert. I try really hard to keep a cup of water on my nightstand these days but, you know. Imperfection is the mantra here so sometimes I fail and pay dearly for it.
  3. Wash Your Face: A little strange but if you aren’t a morning shower person ( I never seem to wake up early enough for one of those) then just washing your face isn’t only great for the skin but also for waking you up. Especially if you have a “refreshing” face wash. It also helps make me feel a little bit fresher and ready to face the day.
  4. Review Your To-Do List: If you haven’t already set a plan for your day the night before, do it now. I even write down my commitments for the day but this simple task allows me to make time for the things I feel are most important during the day.
  5. Watch or Read Something Motivational: This is the one tip I feel like I never see anywhere! It really helps though. Look at a quote that inspires you or watch one of those motivational speech videos on youtube. Every morning that I play one of those videos I feel much more inclined to accomplish all that life throws at me that day.
I have to admit that I am far from perfect. Not every morning is a success in my house but I try my hardest to follow these tips daily.
What do you do every morning to guarantee a productive day? Let me know in the comments below and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to the mailing list for updates on posts and all the gloriously imperfect content coming your way.
Love all you gloriously imperfect people!
xoxo- Talea

4 Social Media Management Must Haves

Hello Imperfect People! I’m here to talk with you about Social Media Management in this ongoing series to help you set up your blog! I realize that Social Media is daunting but it is so essential. Especially if you want to find your audience! And there are so many platforms now that it’s hard to account for all of them.
That’s where these amazing tools come in to play. Not only do they take the stress of the day-to-day scheduling off your plate but they also make it so much easier to find and keep your audience.
*By clicking some of the links below I may receive compensation, this just helps fill my coffee cup and allows me to continue to produce content for you. Also, some of them offer sweet deals for you too!*

The Tools

  1. Tailwind : This app is absolutely essential for scheduling your Pinterest pins. It allows you to create a  schedule, upload pins from your blog, add to multiple pin boards, and so much more and if you sign up from the link above you get your first month free. If you’re not convinced that you need to pin for your blog, read my article on why you need Pinterest here.
  2. Later : Later is my must have app for Instagram! I no longer think half way through the day I forgot to post on Instagram. Instead, I set time aside to schedule a month’s worth of posts (and their captions) and then I get a little notification from the Later App on my phone at the time I scheduled my post! Not only that but I can preview what my uploads will look like before they go live which allows me to create a more cohesive theme. And the absolute best part? You get 30 free posts every month! If you’d like a more though, you get an additional 10 posts from signing up through the link above.
  3. Iconosquare: Iconosquare is another amazing tool for Instagram. This one, however, just gives you analytical insight to your Instagram account. It provides insight into your hashtags, follower count, and the ability to respond to all comments from one platform, it allows you to target your audience better and actually expand your reach. For $10 a month after the initial trial, it’s a really powerful tool.
  4. Sprout Social: This is an amazing all encompassing tool. It allows you to manage several social media platforms all from one hub. From consolidating your messages across platforms to helping you post on multiple accounts (including Facebook and Twitter) it’s invaluable. The only downside is the Standard option after the free trial. It’s $59 a month. Kind of steep for someone just starting out but if you have the money for it this tool will definitely help you to stay on top of your social media.
Honestly, I don’t know how I’d survive blogging without these tools. I love that we live in an era where we can utilize amazing programs to help us achieve our dreams with a bit more ease.
What are some of your favorite tools to manage social media?
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4 Best Resources for Beginning Youtubers

Starting a Youtube Channel is both amazing and overwhelming. I remember deciding to start my own and just diving in. I learned a lot by trial and error but you don’t need to take that route to get off to the right start with Youtube. There are so many amazing resources and tools available at this point that it’s almost silly not utilize them.
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So what are my go to resources?
  1. Tubebuddy: If I could recommend any plugin for someone who wants to start a Youtube Channel then this is absolutely the one! It gives you built in analytics, a check list when you upload videos, and allows you to compare yourself against other youtubers. My only bit of advice I’m going to throw out here is that you should definitely be wary of beating yourself up with the comparison. Instead use it as a learning tool!
  2. Picmonkey: PicMonkey is an amazing website that allows you to create and edit images. It’s perfect for creating a perfect thumbnail for youtube, which is why so many people on Youtube use it. It’s incredibly easy to navigate and best of all you can use it for free! There are additional features that you can unlock for a small monthly fee but even the base program is incredible.
  3. Lynda: This is your one stop shop for learning SEO ( search engine optomization) and video editing. Honestly, this is one of the best learning resources I’ve ever found and you get credit for the certifications on your linkedin account as well. There’s a free 30 day trial available and after that it’s $20 a month but that 30 day free trial can be invaluable if you use it right.
  4. Beautyandthevlog: This one is geared more towards the beauty community but some of the information featured on this podcast is beyond incredible for Youtubers and Bloggers alike. The host Erika Viera manages to get some pretty incredible youtubers on her show that discuss in detail their tips for creating exceptional content.
So that’s it. My 4 resources for beginning Youtubers. What are some of your youtube tools that you just can’t live without? I’d love to know in the comments below.
I’ve also written and amazing post about social media management here. It’s a great resource for managing all of the marketing for your new channel.
Love all of you imperfect beauties!
xoxo- Talea

Why Pinterest is So Important for Your Blog

I don’t know about you but I am addicted to Pinterest. I’ll spend hours searching through posts and photos and pinning the ones I think are the best. It’s euphoric. But have you thought about using it for your blog? If you haven’t then you are missing out on so much!
Pinterest is probably the largest platform for sharing blog posts so if yours aren’t in that mix there’s a high chance that people aren’t seeing you. It’s okay though because I’m here to highlight why Pinterest is so essential to your marketing game! And if you want to know how to make your posts look spot on and reach a broader audience you can check out my post on the 4 Best Resources for New Bloggers.
Why Should You Use Pinterest?
  • Everyone Browses It:  Maybe not everyone. More like 150 Million, actually. At least when I wrote this article. That’s a lot of people that could be repining your posts! And a lot of incoming traffic to your blog.
  • It’s Easy to Use: Just pin directly from your article using the Pinterest extension and voila! Your article is pinned. There’s also a few really awesome tools I talk about in my article here that will make Pinterest so much easier for you.
  • You Create Community: I feel like this isn’t highlighted much whenever I browse articles but it’s true. By creating boards and posting pins from other users that you truly like, you can find people with similar interests.
  • It’s an Amazing Branding Tool: Like the previous bullet point, you’re creating community by further establishing who you and your brand are.
If you want to be a blogger, then you absolutely need to be on Pinterest. There’s no way around it anymore. And with some pretty amazing tools available it’s not that hard to keep track of. If you’d like to also learn about some amazing tools I use to manage social media you can check my post here.
What things do you consistently pin? I’m a sucker for manicures!